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when you wish upon a star your dreams come true *

"Kissing a girl on the forehead is one of the sweetest things in the world."

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Lane wore her new Hercules dress to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Mommy made it out of a pair of valances she found at a thrift store for $2. 


me whispering to my dog in the dark: hey.. you still up?


lace dress

i hope you fall in love with someone who makes you question why you ever thought you would be better off alone


If you dare insult ballerinas in front of me I will shove one of their pointed, petite, pretty shoes straight up your ass.

Anonymous Asked:
Can girls pee when they're on their periods?

My answer:


no we just hold it in for a week.


If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


i love when strangers walk by and smile at you

Another resident has gone into hospital and I just have a really bad feeling :/ plus I’m worried about work like if the worst happens, that’s 3 deaths in 6 months; don’t know how we’d recover.
I said goodbye and told her she better come back here better, I just so hope she’s ok

Lucy, 19, redhead :)
Love dancing, Disney, Demi Lovato is my inspiration.
Studying midwifery from September 2014 onwards. Will someday be a mother with my prince charming, hopeless romantic, believe in equality for all.
Feel free to ask me stuff <3

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